Moving 4/3 related threads to the 4/3 section

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Sep 17, 2006
Dear all,

Looks like I got myself into the task of moving the 4/3 related threads into the new section of the forums and keeping this section clean. Threads that you have started in this section are redirected from the various sections of this forums so that the transition can be smooth from Olympus/Panasonic/Others (Leica) to the new 4/3 section.

Please feel free to PM me if I have made any mistakes in moving the wrong threads of misplaced any threads that you were following, or threads you feel that should be moved to the 4/3 section that I might have missed/overlooked.

Thanks in advance for your help and I hope that the transition to the new 4/3 home for those using the Four Thirds System will find it a good change to consolidate all things related to Four Thirds in one place.

Your new janitor. :bsmilie:

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