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I am not a commercial enterprise so pls. do not treat this as some kind of advertisement.

I am a software engineer who has developed a graphics software that allows novice PC users to manipulate and enjoy images shown in Internet Explorer. Further the user can go back to these pictures even if he is not online without saving the pictures.

I would like to add a link to some photography related web sites.

Pls. help me with the following: -- What are some of the photography related sites with a large number of visitors? I would like to add a link on these sites.

-- Would some of you who have their own web sites be adding a link or a free download to your sites. The software will allow users of your site to enhance their experience of your pictures. For those interested I will provide more details.

Pls. note that I am a laid off software engineer trying to make a living.



PS: You may visit my site at (Please note that it is still a few days away from completion so pls. bear with me)


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Jan 16, 2002
Hi vsingh,

Looks like a nifty piece of software and coding, but if I am not wrong, the last thing a photographer wants is another piece of software that allows their precious images to be "grabbed" and manipulated.

What photographers really want is some kind of security mechanism that allows their images to be viewed on the Net, but would prevent those images to be downloaded or saved.

Needless to say, that security mechanism should be transparent to the viewer and not require them to go thru hoops to enable it.

Now that would be a killer app for photographers.



Thanks for the information. I appreciate your input.

-- Vijay


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Feb 4, 2002
Pretty useless?
I don't see why anyone would go through the trouble to actually right click on all the images.

Besides, this is like one of the softwares you see that advertises along the lines of "Your computer is broadcasting its address to the internet!" :rolleyes:


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Feb 1, 2002
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was dreaming of a flash plugin that has two levels of decoding:
- public viewer is a public key that the owner can post on his sig or what. this is the limited low-res edition.
- friend is a 2nd public key that the "friend" can view in higher res, probably requested from the owner.
fwik, flash will add only about 10k of overhead max, esp if little graphics is used, and the keys will be stored as a cookie. reasons being the data itself is not at risk but rather the intended viewer to be restricted.
and maybe can add in a host DNS check so that blacklisted sites like sggirls can be optionally added into the SWF file, which will portray a scrambled pic.. can be either opt-in or opt-out filter...
and finally how to make such files? a PS plugin perhaps...

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