Lexus Golf Classics 2007, Brunei

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Dec 17, 2006
Hello ClubSnap!

Been a while since I shared an event shoot here. Just updated my site with photos from yesterday's Lexus Golf Classics 2007. I sold my 1DII beginning of this year and kept the 20D and it doesn't require anymore reminder from me that it's still a great body.

Lenses used in the tournament were EF10-22mm, EF24-70mm and EF100-400mm. I'm shooting with just one body so switching between lenses were a tad inconvenient and standing under the ~33 deg C sun for total of 9 hours, on the green swamped with ants big and small isn't at all enjoyable. But I hope you'll enjoy the gallery

Click to visit ShimWorld Blog Lexus Golf Classics 2007 Galley

I'm now recovering from sunburnt and itch from ant bites before the next event on May 31st. PICO has chosen me to shoot the upcoming official opening of a MinDef event in Brunei where His Majesty The Sultan is the Guest of Honour at (no, it's not a bridal event)

Hope you enjoy the gallery. All comments/questions and responses to my Blog are welcomed.

Jan Shim

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