Sports Photography Master Class - By Jed Wee - Supported By Nikon and ClubSNAP


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ClubSNAP together with Nikon Singapore is proud to be a supporter for this Sports Photography Masterclass to be conducted by Jed Wee

It will be conducted over 3 session - with practical shoots, critics on photos and ample time in between for participants to absorb the learning points and lessons.

Participants are also given a chance to try the Nikon Cameras (D3s) and Nikon Sports tele lenses eg the 400mmf2.8 & 300mm f2.8 during the practices

3 Sessions (timing may be subjected to minor changes) :

Session 1 : 6 Nov 10am to 6pm (inclusive of a practical shoot of a rugby tournament)
Session 2 : 12 Nov - 7pm to 9pm night sporting event
Session 3 : 13 Nov - 9am to 4pm (inclusive of a indoor sport shoot)

WHERE: Singapore, exact location TBA
WHAT: Sport Photography, Intermediate to Advance level
WHO: Anybody who likes to venture seriously into sports photography - Basic knowledge, eg exposure, aperture, speed and iso - is a pre-requisite.
Size of class: 15 (max)
Equipment : DSLR and telephoto lens (there will be telephoto lens available on loan to share - Nikon mount only - for other mount you can use a xx brand to Nikon mount convertor )

Goodies bags will be provided to all participants

Course Fees: S$320
*** Early birds (before Oct 20) will enjoy $30 off ie. you pay $290 ****
*Nikon Users and Nikon Club Members will enjoy an additional free gift*

Please make payment to confirm your booking to DBS Savings 002-1-003461
please indicate your nick or name and PM me

Please sign up here or :


About Jed Wee

Jed Wee MA ARPS is one of Singapore’s top sports photographers, with over a decade of experience photographing sport in the UK. He shot his first English Premier League match in 2000 and since then has photographed over 500 top level football matches including Premier League, Champions League and International matches. He is also the official photographer for the Newcastle Falcons Rugby FC and Durham County Cricket Club and previously also fulfilled the role for the Newcastle Eagles Basketball team.
His career has seen him photograph top level sporting events for over a decade, from events such as the Commonwealth Games to the Wimbledon Championships, British Open Golf and a Rugby World Cup. In that time his work has been regularly published in all the major national UK newspapers, and has photographed some of the biggest names in world sport including luminaries such as Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Michael Phelps, David Beckham, and Jonny Wilkinson.
Jed also has a Masters degree in the Photographic Image and has a sound technical and theoretical grounding in photography. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and has conducted photographic talks and workshops for local camera clubs and educational institutions in north east England. He has been a member of ClubSNAP since early 2002 and has also been a moderator for a good length of that time.

Before becoming a professional photographer, in 1999 Jed moved to the UK to read law at the University of Durham, graduating in 2002, but he decided to pursue his love of photography as a career.

Jed works can be found here his blog:

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1. Answers to queries that were sent to me.

Q1. Details for pre-requisite .

A1. Basic knowledge of Photography required. This is so that the masterclass can spend quality time of the finer points in sports photography and Jed need not go thru the basic in exposure eg aperture, speed, iso.

Q2. Size of Class

A2. Max 15 pax and Min 8 pax

We have also revised the cost of the class - ie $290 for early before 20 Oct and $320 after 20 Oct.

Do not miss this opportunity, as this class is quite substantially subsidized and also Jed Wee's commitment to give back to ClubSNAP by sharing his initimate knowledge of Sports Photography.


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1. Anxxxxx
2. Roxxxxx
3. Roxxx friend

Sign up now to enjoy the early bird discount at $290 and also extra freebies.

As mentioned this masterclass is conducted only once in a year or two.


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As this mentioned earlier,

members attending this class will get to use the telephoto lens on loan from Nikon eg 300mmf2.8, 400mmf2.8, 200-400f4, 500mmf4, 600mmf4 etc. No other class offer these privileges, here.

Those using other camera brands may get to use the D3/D3s and the lenses for their practical session.

Rarely, do we have a professional practicing photographer to conduct such sports photography class. And at a very good rate (supported by CS and Nikon Singapore).

So far we have 3 sign up, we need to make it to 8 to make the class worth the while to conduct. Else we will make the decision to cancelled this class by next week. It will be a loss and missed opportunity to members if it is cancelled.


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Jan 17, 2002
ClubSNAP together with Nikon Singapore is proud to be a supporter for this Sports Photography Masterclass to be conducted by Jed Wee

For those who have dream of shooting in English Premier League match or local Singapore matches, this is a class not to be missed.

Limited seats ....

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