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    Our Child Series.

    My baby Ryan was born with quite a lot of hair and he started to grow teeth at about 4 month + At 2 hours old.
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    Our Child Series.

    My son, Ryan, now 5 months old.
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    Mac Book, To buy or not to Buy ???

    Thanks frenchbean for your input.
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    Mac Book, To buy or not to Buy ???

    Hi nightwolf75, really long long time no see. Seems like all you guys are recommending me to wait wait till probably year end then to think whether to change or not.
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    Mac Book, To buy or not to Buy ???

    Hi Everyone, I need your advice. Currently using a COMPAQ laptop (Pentium Centrino), however thought of selling this laptop away and buy a new MacBook. Although I know that the MacBook can have dual OS inside it but can I still load programs like (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office...
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    Our Child Series.

    My Baby Ryan just 2 hours Old. My Baby Ryan at 6 weeks Old.
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    Cute Logo

    Hi all, I'm currently searching for cute logo like this year is the Year of the Pig. But I just can't find it in the Net. Can anyone help me by telling me which web page to go.
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    where to find cheap and gd nasi lemak

    If looking for authentic Malay Nasi Lemak, go to Changi Village marktet in the morning where there is Malay store beside the Teh Sarabat stall selling Longtong, Mee Siam and Laksa. He sells Nasi Lemak for $1 per packet (only have fish with egg or Ikan Billis with egg). The sambal is nice. Go any...
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    Hi Hosea, your photos are always so swee.
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    What car would you buy if you got $60,000?

    If you are referring to Honda Jazz Type S model, it is already in the showroom liao. Selling price for Auto-Transmission ones should be about $58K.
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    What car would you buy if you got $60,000?

    Not Upgraded Jazz. Just new facelift change, call the Type S model as compared to the 2005 Facelift model Jazz.
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    What car would you buy if you got $60,000?

    Totally agree. Although Korean cars are cheap but their spare parts ain't cheap. Also they are well known for high fuel comsumption. Bearing in mind that the current fuel price isn't that cheap anymore.
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    Zone System 101: Applications for Black And White

    Thanks for all the trouble by typing it out. :thumbsup:
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    Day1@JinJi,Luoping. -

    Very Nice . :thumbsup:
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    Honda Jazz/ Fit

    Had been driving a Jazz for One year plus, so far no regrets and most importantly very fuel economy. About 15km/litre. And also have alots of after market accessories dress up your Fit/Jazz. :thumbsup:
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