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Sep 27, 2006
  New York, NY, March 12, 2015– XMPie®, a leading provider of software for personalized communications in print and digital media, announces the release of uMerge, a subscription-based personalization add-on to Adobe InDesign CC.  uMerge is easy to use for InDesign professionals and relevant for a broad scope of applications, from database publishing to small-scale personalization jobs such as newsletters, event invitations, departmental HR communications, financial communications, and more. Now every InDesign professional can create personalized PDF files within InDesign in a process similar to the broadly familiar mail-merge or data-merge workflows.   “With uMerge, we are bringing the design community closer to creative personalization with Adobe InDesign, and we are opening the market far beyond batch-produced variable data print jobs,” said Jacob Aizikowitz, President of XMPie. While the main focus of uMerge is to bring state-of-the-art personalization capabilities to the broad base of InDesign professionals, it is also uniquely compatible with all of XMPie’s leading high-end print personalization solutions; uMerge users can connect remotely to the XMPie servers of a Print Service Provider and get the job batched produced and fulfilled, including with a large data source. “XMPie Customers with server-class solutions can engage uMerge users to do work with [...]


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