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Wu Xiao Kang - A Dose of LIES

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Jun 28, 2004
hi everyone, i read all the posts at 1 go yesterday after spotting this. got to admit it's really taxing on my eyes, but as someone who felt the impact from the shots, i couldn't stop myself from knowing the outcome. glad that "justice" is addresssed, i have some thoughts:

1. nicely pulled off (but i did not spot the symmetry which could suggest the pics doctored)
2. but ethically incorrect (wrong way of portraying some expression)

i guess it only remains known to the creators why the character was created instead of fronting the works with their own names. not being much of someone who really knows art, i wonder who is the model used to to represent "xiaokang". An attempt to search for news articles revealed nothing on this person, I did not think that he could be fabricated.

Going forward (or OT), from the group's page, there seems to be another person who is also a "late artist". I wonder now, if this person is also someone with the same existence level as xiaokang.

many thanks to all fellow CSers who pushed hard against ethically wrong "concepts".

seems like the joe guy is another imaginary figure ?


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Oct 14, 2003
The Wu Xiao Kang Hoax

Last night, my colleagues and I were just talking about this "Xiao Kang" character, just as a conversation topic about photography, about life, and such.

I like taking pictures of the old and forgotten places in Singapore, not because I like to chase spooks like the good folk at SP*, but to make a link between our present and our past. If I could, I'd try to imagine what it must've been like when these complexes were functioning during they heyday. That's the reason why I often shoot alone.

View Road Hospital was a real find for me. I hadn't known about Xiao Kang yet. But it was tucked away at some corner of Singapore and I knew I had to go there because surely, there would've been stories to be told within those walls. Shortly after the shoot, I found out about "Xiao Kang". I was profoundly and immensely affected by what I saw and the intensity of these thoughts and feelings never subsided whenever I had a chance to think about that day when I explored the compound.

And now, the revelation (Straits Times, Monday July 2nd 2007, Life! Section page 7) that the whole thing was a hoax has left me with feelings that range from utter disgust and disappointment right down to utter disillusionment about all I've been trying to do. To those "artists" concerned, no matter how you want to slice it or dice it, as far as I am concerned

YOU GUYS ARE LIARS. Liars through and through.

You've toyed with the emotions and feelings of many, and have EXPLOITED the mentally ill for your own sick, selfish, personal gains. For the sake of art? For "giving exposure" to the plight of these people? That's just all bullshit that you're spinning to justify your perverted actions. You've played everybody for a bunch of saps. The only thing you've now achieved is to increase scepticism and cynicism that is already endemic in this population. In my book, you guys are no better than those who peddle child pornography.

So who are you helping now, huh?
\i think your "***SECOND ADDENDUM - 02 July 2007*** " on your pBase site should be on the very top, before the introduction of the Hospital.


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Feb 23, 2007
When I saw the website a few months ago, I had been taking the story with scepticism. I had viewed it as a story with some pictures connecting the story. From the response here, I believe that the pictures did create a huge impact on people. The pictures must have touched so many others to receive such negative feedback when the truth is reviewed.

Obviously, the intentions are unethical. But I'd find these pictures more impressive than those so-called ghostly pictures. How is it that each of the "ghost" pictures with nicely weaved stories never received any negative comments? Probably because WXK's story toys with people's sympathy, and actually succeeded in doing so.


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Mar 13, 2005
A lie is a lie.
Good pictures or not no longer important.


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Aug 13, 2004
According to life today....

Wu Xiao Kang is on at Mitre hotel, 145 Killiney Road.
From next sat to Sept 1st.
Opening house are 6 - 11 pm (Tues to thurs)
1pm to midnights (Fri to Sun)
Closed on Mondays.
Admission is free!

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