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  • Seems like an CCD sensor problem. Digital zoom crops out the edges of the sensor such that that area is not used, that's why the patch disappears when digital zoom is activated.

    Unfortunately for you, CCDs are the most expensive component of the camera, and it's extremely unlikely that 3rd party repair shops will stock such spares. It's still possible to send to shops to check out mechanical problems (like the shutter problem - maybe needs lubricating?), but when it comes to electronics, the official service centre is your only option.

    That said, out-of-warranty repairs are expensive, especially for an older model A2, so it probably won't be worth it. I think it's better that you start looking for a replacement for your A2. Still, no harm taking your camera down to Sony Service Centre and see what they have to say about it.

    Best of luck!
    Hi Man,

    I am new to CS. Looking for help in my A2, maybe U can assist.

    Lately, my A2 is having shutter problem when switch on. Noisy "motor shutter opening" and the LCD and pictures taken has a black patch on the top right hand corner. Unless the A2 use its digital zoom x2, then the black patch disapper. any idea where can i send it to repair beside sony. thanks steve
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