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Will work for work - barter network

I am a freelance cameramen with more than 15 years experience in corporate and industrial videography covering a wide spectrum of industries. If you are a cameraman and require a second cameraman with his own gear, I'm happy to offer my services in exchange for your services. We can swap half-days or full-days, subject to each other's availability. No payment is needed.

This will help each other keep overheads low, lighten each other workload and make shoots more interesting.
Also, by working on days you are not booked, you are bullding a reserve of free manpower for days you are double booked. Now, you can serve both customers and not have to pay for your replacement cameraman or additional equipment rental.
Pick the gig you prefer to do yourself and assign me the less attractive one.

If you like my suggestion, please PM me with your job request and indicate the kind of gigs you are willing/unwilling to trade. I'm open to any kind of shoots except weddings.

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Apr 6, 2008
Hi Rodney,

Can share why you do not like to shoot weddings ?



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Mar 15, 2011
This is a good idea Rodney.
Have you done for sports videography before ?

Apr 3, 2015
Hello Bamboopictures, Paul here. Freelance camera man & editor with broadcast & corporate. Keep in touch :) Paul

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