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Sep 27, 2006
Ok, so I really wanted to use that line, but it is one of the new things that has been improved in Lightroom with the CC update.
Often when trying to click on an image either in the Grid mode of the Library or in the Filmstrip I will click on the badge of the image. Especially the little crop badge that lets me know that the image has been cropped. When I do that, it immediately opens up the image in crop mode and that is usually not where I want to go… so I have to close the crop by hitting done. Not a big deal, but it is all about being as efficient as possible and this little tip could get lost amongst HDR and the Brush upgrades.
Be careful not to click the crop badge when selecting the thumbnail

Hitting the badge will take you straight to crop mode… which is neat if that is where you meant to go.

Go to your Preferences in the top left corner and under the Interface tab and choose Ignore clicks on badges.
Turn on Ignore clicks of badges

Now you won’t accidentally open up in the crop mode. Not really a big game changer, but a nice little tweak.
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