Soul to Soul: Remixed Exhibition

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Oct 19, 2005
Soul to Soul : Remixed Exhibition
@ Singapore History Museum

Free Admission!
Dates: 16th Dec 05 - 31st Jan 06
Address: 30 Merchant Road Riverside Point
Singapore 058282

Opening Hours:
Mon : 1pm - 7pm
Tue-Sun : 9am - 7pm
Fri : 9am - 9pm

A whole new wave of creative expression is unleashed as artist Brian Gothong Tan is given two weeks to reinterpret submissions from the various Soul to Soul Festival challenges, namely Spot and Shoot Photography Challenge, Phunk Studio Design Challenge, Take 5! Guerrilla Film-Making Challenge in the Museum’s exhibition spaces. A challenge in itself, this ‘remix’ is a gesture to the speed and adaptability of youth in Singapore today. All in all, Soul to Soul: Remix attempts to puncture the opaque experience of people in the city, to wrestle with its very soul.

For enquiries:
6332 4075 / 5642

Visit our website:

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