Soul to Soul Festival at the Singapore History Museum

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Oct 19, 2005
Soul to Soul Festival

The Singapore History Museum is organising the inaugural South To Soul Festival in November.

The Festival that seeks to stimulate youth (15-29 years old) to reflect upon issues of local heritage, identity and culture, using contemporary medium of film, design and photography.

Through three time-limiting challenges, participants will be asked to create original film, design and photography, using Singapore history and culture as a resource and an inspiration. The three challenges will culminate in a finale exhibition on 15 December where selected works from all these challenges will be assembled and unveiled as an installation artwork by Brian Gothong Tan.


Registration deadline: 1 November 2005
For youth 15-29 years old only.
Tel: 6332 4557/

Form a team of three, and register for this photography challenge. The challenge requires the participants to zip around the island in the 24 hour photo shoot-out to look for answers to clues of historical places and monuments provided. But instead of writing down the answers, participants will have to take pictures of them. Correct answers to the bonus questions will earn the participants extra points. The team with all the correct answers and the most creative photographs wins the competition. Participants stand to walk home with the top prize of $4,500 cash prize.

Participants will also receive a crash course on this challenge by Francis Ng, the first Singaporean to win the grand prize of the Philip Morris Group of Companies Asean Art Awards in 2002 and represented Singapore at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2002.

2) PHUNK STUDIO DESIGN CHALLENGE [19-20 Nov] (overnighter)

Registration deadline: 11 November 2005
Limited to 40 participants only.
For youth 15-29 years old only.
Tel: 6332 4075/

Calling all those who are interested in graffiti art! Ever wanted to spray that graffiti poster and not get caught? Or annex a wall with a socially conscious message? Here is your chance to do both in this overnighter as Phunk Studio designers rewire you to custom design large scale inkjet graphics with socially aware message.

Participants are challenged to conceptualise and design low-budget, high concept urban art, poster and graffiti murals to promote social awareness messages to compose a "Phunk Graphic Wall" in this special design workshop! Participants would have to work overnight from 11am-8am the next morning to complete their graffiti artwork. Participants stand to walk home with the top prize of $5,000 cash prize.


Registration deadline: 15 Nov 2005
Limited to 30 participants only.
For youth 15-29 years old only.
Tel: 6332 4075/

If you ever wanted to make THAT short film in a burst of verve, this will be your chance to do it on the house in this 5-day film boot camp, where tempers run high while your battery life runs low. Come soak in this crucible with guerilla veterans who have been there, done it. Expect wild cards and curve balls in this boot camp.

Framed as an incubator camp, this is an intensive hot-housing 5-day camp by facilitators, such as Sherman Ong and Tintin Wulia across various disciplines, with the film challenge issued on the 3rd day. Participants will convene again on the 4th day for a progress report update before the final presentation on the 5th day. To apply, participants have to send in their favourite personal work and tell us what motivated you to do it, and what it means to you personally in more than 500 words.

*16 Dec 05-31 Jan 06*

A whole new wave of creative expression is unleashed as artist Brian Gothong Tan is given two weeks to reinterpret submissions from the Soul to Soul Challenges into an installation representation at the Museum. 25-year-old Brian has won numerous awards, including , Winner of Young Artist Award for 2001 and 2000 and he is the first recipient of the Shell-NAC scholarship for digital media in 2003.

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