Sony ZV-1 Wide Lens adaptor wanted

Kai Hendry

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Mar 31, 2014
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Hi, new ZV-1 user here:

I'm keen to find a lens adaptor like the ones at these Amazon links:
- JJC filter adapter:
- ZOMEI wide angle lens:

I believe it's compatible with the RX100 Mark V.

Unfortunately they do not ship to Singapore. Can anyone please suggest an alternative?

Thank you in advance!


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Jan 3, 2008
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These wide angle lenses were already lousy many years ago when local salesmen tried to sell them for lots of money to unsuspecting beginners. I think we have a thread about it somewhere in Newbies Corner or so. The video already shows the awful distortions they bring along, and chances are that in tricky situations flare and other unwanted effects will come in as well. For still images, you might be able to get it corrected, not sure whether video software can do the same (might just be a long night of calculations).

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Feb 24, 2005
Sony intentionally made it without a filter thread. It would have been simple for Sony to do so if it wanted to.
There must be a commercial reason or design reason why Sony made this decision.
The third party offerings are based on using double sided tape to stick the adapter ring with a filter thread to the smallest diameter barrel that extends when you zoom.
Very in-elegant.
Adhesive can fail you if the weight of adapter + heavy "wide angle conversion lens" is too heavy for it to carry.
Probably after some period of use.
If for some reason the lens barrel retracts a little bit further inwards, then it will rip out the adhesive taped adapter ring against the outer barrel.
As pointed out by others, these "wide angle conversion lens" are inferior.
Don't go down that route.
It does make you a target for jokes by your more knowledgeable photo club friends.

I saw this ZV-1 in a Sony showroom this 13 Aug 2020 afternoon.
It has a one inch sensor.
It cost about SGD$ one thousand. Ouch.

In my opinion, not impressed at this price.
SD UHS-I is alright.
But Memory Stick Pro Duo? I thought my Nokia phone was obsolete. What was Sony designers thinking?

Micro USB in a new camera manufactured in 2020?
Thought maybe can be USB Type C.

One more thing. It has NO built-in flash. You have to buy a separate one.
Why did Sony omit this?
Maybe due to cost of production reasons.
Maybe flash will drain the battery faster.
Maybe space reasons - to keep the camera small.
But for compact cameras, a built-in flash is convenient at times.
This is quite an important feature for a compact camera to have.
Especially for compacts that have small sensors and lack low light capability.
If you put a BIG Sony external flash on a small compact, it dwarfs the camera body.
It looks hilarious and unbalanced.
To the owners, it means they have to PAY and additional sum of money to buy an external flash.
And always remember to bring it along just in case you need it.
I think this was a mistake by Sony for the ZV-1.

Yes, in the past, some cameras were criticised for having built-in flash - such as the Minolta Maxxum Dynax Alpha 7.
The claim was that it made the camera look not "professional enough".
But that was for big cameras. It does not apply to compacts.

When Electronic Image stabilisation kicks in during Video record, the crop reduces the 24mm lens to a 30mm lens.
Which you (and many thousands of ZV-1 owners) will NOT be satisfied with. Not wide enough.
For sure.

This does not have EVF - and as far as I know, cannot put on an accessory EVF.

Suggest that it may have been worth while to consider Canon M6 Mk2 or Canon M50 although M6 Mk2 is at a slightly higher budget.
M6 Mk2 has an APS-C sensor. (22.3 x 14.9 mm) with 332.27 sq mm area. At 32.5MP.
Sony ZV-1 with a one inch sensor is (12.8 x 9.6 mm) with 122.88 sq mm area. Cannot change lens. At 20.1MP.
The Canons have roughly 2.7 times bigger sensor.
The Canons have many wide angle lenses to choose from.
You have more room to grow with that choice.
And yes, you can put on a filter on the Canon lenses without needing to buy an in-elegant sticky tape adapter - that looks terribly clunky.

In the looks department, just put a Fuji X100V next to a Sony ZV-1. Oh dear. Completely outclassed.
Finally, the Fuji X100V is MADE IN JAPAN.
ZV-1 is probably made in China or Thailand. (I will recheck that at the showroom).

Please read a lot of the written reviews and view a lot of the video reviews on Youtube about the Sony ZV-1.
There is an aspect that leaps out at you.
There is a deafening silence about where the Sony ZV-1 is made.
NONE (Zero. Zilch. 零. Ø.) of the reviewers want to talk about it.
Most take great care not to show a photo of the bottom plate of the ZV-1.
The few that do, make sure the photo is so low resolution that you cannot read the detail of where it is made.

If the ZV-1 was made in Japan (or unlikely, Germany), they would probably have mentioned it in the first paragraph of the written review.
Or within 5 minutes of the start of the You tube video review.

In my opinion ZV-1 is a failure by Sony.
But many reviewers on Youtube praise it. Suspiciously they never mention the obvious shortcomings.
Instead they emphasise the positive points. Somehow their review appears like an advertisement.
In the end, let the market decide.
Will it become a best seller or another failed mirrorless like Nikon 1.

If the latter, Sony is big enough to take the hit. And move on.

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Feb 24, 2005
Update as at 16 Aug 2020.
I have checked at the showroom.
The words "Made in China" are in fine print on the 3rd row of text from the last in the label.
It is on the bottom plate.

Why are ALL the reviewers so afraid to mention this?
Is it a coincidence? Cannot be. You are talking about more than 10 Youtube reviewers and written articles.
Probably they had been WARNED strictly not to mention this.
Or else they will not get new Sony stuff to review or may not become appointed as "Sony ambassador".
In Covid-19 pandemic, times are hard. People are desperate.
They dare not offend a big player.

Perhaps it will be hard to sell this camera in US and Taiwan if this fact is well known.
Now that Trump is going after Huawei, Tik Tok and insist Hong Kong made goods are labelled as "Made in China".

Unfortunately, the extreme steps taken to hide this has the opposite effect.


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Feb 24, 2005
Quote [“It’s just Sony offered a bigger pay cheque” ] UnQuote
A Youtube reviewer (in which he preferred Sony 7SIII over Canon R5) actually said this on 14 Aug 2020.

He may or may not have said that in context of something else.
But he deliberately made that statement and purposely chose NOT to clarify.
Leaving it to viewers of the review video to draw their own conclusions.
Maybe he was cracking a joke?

In Covid-19 pandemic, times are hard for camera shops, pro photographers (no events + weddings).
And it is tough on Youtube and print media camera reviewers.

With the collapse of Olympus Camera Division and falling sales of Nikon, the camera review + ambassador pie has shrunk.
Panasonic is in a dilemma whether leap off the sinking ship named MFT, on to the life boat named FullFrame - to save itself.
Fuji is neutral.
That leaves 2 big players Canon and Sony.
Presumably camera reviewers are keen to be appointed Sony ambassadors.
They try their best to please Sony.

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