Slow delivery by Hong Kong post and Royal Mail, comparing to Japan post.


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Mar 5, 2009
Hi. I am a frequent buyer from ebay, about ten times per year.
I found that Japan post is the fastest, It takes only less than 60 hours to deliver to my flat after I order it online. As a frequent buyer from a Japanese ebayer, he usually gives me free shipping. :thumbsup:

Hong post is the worest, they usually give free shipping, however, it takes a least a week to deliver.
lately i bought a camera from ebay UK, it is even slower (it's true that it is much farther, however, all the items are shipped by plane). I checked 3 days after the seller gave me the tracking number. The status was " ready to sent oversea". and the tracking was not informative at all. The status was remain "overseas" for 1 week...

I am really bored by waiting for the item to be delivered.

Does anyone experienced the same as I did?

I've recently bought a camera from HK and was posted to me using HK post. Got it within 2-3days. Same goes with the lens i've bought from Japan, reached me within 2-3days.


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Nov 28, 2005
Ordering from digitalrev hk usually takes just 3 days to arrive.

Jun 11, 2009
Japan side is cannot compare one. Too fast to be true. Once I shipped out on friday using ems, delivered to singapore address on monday morning.

HK post will depend on what you use. ems is usually quite fast, 3-4days. The registered mail is very problematic. Sometimes within a week, sometimes 3 weeks. So really depend on what service you choose.

BUT the worst of all is vpost USA. Sometimes give totally wrong tracking detail. E.g. On 8th aug 4pm, I can get a new tracking detail telling me my parcel will arrive in singpaore on 8th aug 6pm, estimated...but then in reality it will not land in singapore untill a few days if the plane suddenly u-turn 2hrs before landing in singapore.:eek:

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