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May 20, 2009
Dear all,

I have a pretty old CPU which I intend to get rid of since it's spoilt (do not know which part of it is giving problem). However, I am thinking of whether the information in the hard disk can be retrieved and the ram can be used for my next computer. Anyone care to let me know how should I go about doing it?

Also, will the rest of the parts like motherboard etc. be able to sell to computer or second hand shops or are they worthless and just be thrown away?



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Feb 15, 2003
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well, if u have sensitive information in your hdd, i'll tell you that no point, pass to me, i'll help you dispose. (prepare to be famous)

anyway, your old may not be my old... some ppl can use a system 5 years old and say its not old... to me, probably 1.5 years is considered old.

'old' hdd, do note, uses IDE, you might not be able to use with the current system unless you get a adaptor or use the single IDE port on most mobo, which means you have to get a SATA dvdr drive (future proof)


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Feb 24, 2005
Remove and physically destroy harddisk. Throw rest away.

About the "famous" case.
Look people are not stupid. Do not believe the crap about not knowing and sending pc for repair with many photos of oneself with ladies in the nude. If the sentence of the pc repairman was not so light, then the story may emerge. If it was 24 strokes of the cane, $2 Million fine and 50 years jail for the pc repairman, then the pc repairman will squeak. Because not worth the money that he got for doing it. What if the pc repairman was paid to do it and the whole scam planned.

Could it be a desperate grab by a creature to be in the news and the limelight to revive a dead career.

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