[IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ]: Why My Thread is Missing?


Staff member
Sep 27, 2004
Punggol, Singapore
Please note all new threads in service wanted section are requested to include Payment Details.


- Services Wanted Threads without including payment details will be deleted.

- Seeking volunteers in photography and videography for any charitable cause, please seek the approval from our Admins before posting a thread.
FYI, We do not entertain any last minute request, since you put photography and videography services in the lowest priority, you will be treated likewise.

- All TFCD requests will be move to photographer services directory or modelling directory, since no payment involve, such requests are not fit to post in Services Wanted Section.

- If you come here just to seek for free photographers, videographers, Please read this thread, if you can do the same to our photographers and videographers, I'm sure many of us will be very happy to repay you in the same way.

lastly, if members found any Thread Starters requesting free service when contacted, even though they mention paid assignment in their threads, you can use report bad post function to report such threads.

Thank you for reading.