How to evaluate a 2nd hand camera?

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Jul 11, 2006
Bukit Timah
hi all,

am thinking of getting a 2nd hand dslr off b&s. i'm just wondering that when viewing the camera how exactly should i go about evaluating in how good a condition it is? i mean it sounds like a stupid question but i hope you all understand my question ;)

i was thinking of bringing a laptop to view the photos off the cam straight off. is that overkill? or should i just be satisfied looking a reasonably acceptable pics on the lcd and testing major things like the flash, buttons etc...also what is a good way to inspect and rate the condition of viewfinder/mirror/sensor etc?

sorry for an wu liao question...thanks!


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Aug 27, 2006
My two cents worth.

I recently did the same thing in BnS and got myself a 2nd hand D70. Actually, not so thorough as you to bring along laptop to test.

Points to note:
- check the prices first-new and old. Might sound obvious. Spent about 3 weeks monitoring BnS for the best deals
- when examing camera, if getting a DSLR, check for two things, dust in CCD and fungus in lens.
- i did not do this. two weeks later, found dust in my DSLR. One of those things. At least you can negotiate more with potential seller if you find such things before buying
- check external condition of camera. Make sure that what was advertised is really so (i.e. condition 8 means something in BnS).

Other than the dust in CCD, I was not so thorough to check the other things like mirror, etc..
Camera is working fine (touch-wood) for about 3 weeks already...

I just took a few shots and viewed in on CCD and they looked reasonably ok. Maybe you can bring along one of those canon direct printers and print out a test shot. Good for testing dust in CCD.

Last but not least - I observe to see how honest the opposite party is. My experience so far has been very positive :)

Happy bargain hunting.

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