Classified Section Scams


Mar 26, 2020
I don't usually reply to threads but I found this one via googling. Same exact story and details - I just avoided his attempt a few days ago.

Encountered this same scenario. Out of the blue, got a whatsapp text from Keong stating he was interested in my lens. Subsequently, asked if I have other lens that I wanna sell.

Sent photos of all the lens. We agreed on a price, even negotiate for a lower price although he said price is not an issue. At this point, all seems fine to me.

The first red flag came when he mentioned that he wants it shipped to the Philippines, with reasons that he is still in Australia for work duties and it’s for his son in the Philippines.

Asked me to send a money request to on Paypal. Don’t feel too comfortable dealing through Paypal due to stories on scams

Started to ask a few personal qn and asked if he could send a FnF payment on Paypal or a wire transfer. He got a little triggered and was rude.

In between communications, I was rather occupied with work hence did not ship it out at first notice. Fortunately, did a search on his email and found this thread - gut feeling telling me this whole transaction seems a little off, this thread gave me the verification and relief.

His number is +61 488 890 374