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Mar 18, 2004

Just wanted to share my experience. I posted an item for sale and was contacted offline via WhatsApp.
Buyer claims he is overseas and is interested to purchase, but wanted me to ship the item to somewhere else. I was hesitant to do overseas shipping, but acceded to the request eventually.

Buyer also insisted on using PayPal and DHL, which seemed reasonable to me.

However, after I send the Payment Request from PayPal, the status of the request is stuck in Pending.

Buyer insisted for me to check my email Spam folder and that he sent payment. True enough, there were emails from PayPal, indicating a change in policy. That I'd have to furnish the shipping verification before they can release payment to me. And that the Buyer's sent money cannot be reversed. The verification had to be done by replying to the email. The email came from a domain that is non-PayPal. It was from (but on a mobile email client device, it is not immediately apparent as it is shown as Fyi, domain is hosted on some Google Cloud Platform. PayPal's actual domains are delivered by Akamai.

I confirmed with a friend by sending him a payment request. He managed to pay me without an email from about withholding the cash until proof of delivery is sent.

I'm awaiting PayPal to get back to me on this. Wanted to raise this to kakis here so that they are aware of such scams that is outside of PayPal's regular framework. Please only send out items when PayPal website or app says the money is paid. If there's any suspicious emails sent to you, you can raise a ticket at - .

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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
Hope you get your issue with Paypal resolved.

For everyone else: Please do yourself a favor and read the many other warning threads about shipping something overseas.
Do check email addresses to match with the main domains of Paypal, eBay etc, do check the URLs in links, verify the server certificates.
if in doubt, do not enter any personal or payment information, just close your browser and walk away.
Unless it's a rare or collector's item there is simply no reason ship 2nd hand consumer electronics around the world.

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Feb 22, 2010
Hi all. Just want to share that I too have been asked to send my lens over to another country. The ‘seller’ claims that he’s buying the lens for his Brother in Philippines for some movie recording.

The seller did exactly the same as per the above brother’s experience, and when I received the emails, it’s also from the same email as per above. I too did not receive a PAID status but only a pending status.

The seller’s email is kris**** and his PayPal name, when I tried to make a request is Kristopher P Berg.

The telephone number used was +61 048****10.

Please be extra careful.


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Jul 28, 2007
hey guys. wanted to share that i am in the exact same situation. some imposter Kristopher P Berg with the +61 number.
got scammed off $1800 for my canon goods

This is the first time i've fallen for an online scam. i never thought i would be. i describe myself to be an IT savvy individual, working in a professional industry. Looking back, there were many loopholes and redflags, but i was to caught up with my work, hence i overlooked them. I even rushed and went out of the way to get a box to package it.

I learnt a lot from this. Scammers can be professional. They know how to toy with your emotions and prey on your vulnerabilities.

If any one else has been scammed, do share! Apparently most people who get scammed don't even make a police report because they were too embarrassed. But you must understand that it is not your fault. Let us share and make clubsnap a safer place

below is the details of my encounter

i was contact via whatsapp from an interested buyer for a DSLR + Lens (selling value $1800). Buyer likely got my contact details via Contacted via a +61 mobile number (number deleted), of a guy posing a Kristopher Berg from Australia, who was purchase the camera in a rush for his brother's wedding in Phillipines. Wanted to item sent by the weekend. Requested for me to send to his email address a paypal request, which he subsequently emailed fake emails to my personal email address. The sender address were disguised a official paypal email ( He also contacted me via his "personal email"

He requested for express DHL, agreed to pay for the shipment. He pretended to be experience with overseas shipment. Requested me to remove the insurance charge and declare the item as a gift valuing $100. When there was a slight delay he would pretend to be angry in the whatsapp conversation. Through this period, i received multiple emails from his fake paypal email address.

Requested to be sent to this address
Name: Simon Melaye
Address: Blk 22 lot 35 garden grove village
City : Dasmarinas
State : Cavite
Zip code : 4114
Country: Philippines.
Phone: 09666759092

He contacted me a few hours after the package was signed off in phillipines. Using a paypal fake email, he requested for further funds to be transferred to a western union account in order to "unlock" the money. He pretended that because he was using a business account, only sums of $3000 could be sent, hence i would need to send him the balance first. At this point i realized i was scam, and cut all connection.

As confirm, no transactions were made on my paypal account.


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Sep 14, 2009
He's been fishing hard around clubsnap. I also got a text from him but thought it was very fishy so I cut contact early.

He tends to target stuff on the market that has been up for awhile. So don't get tempted by the fact he's buying at your asking price.

Stay alert everyone! He's probably gonna change numbers soon


Sep 7, 2008
I also got msg from him. He said he can trust me without checking my item physically. But I insisted to deal face to face.