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Jan 10, 2007
hi csers,

need some help from this forum.

i will be have 2 free days (full day) in chengdu and would like to head up to jiuzhaigou to have a look since it's been said that the view is awesome.. so would like to head up and take some pics.

besides jiuzhaigou, is there any interesting places that i can head to in chengdu?

last but all, anyone know whethere can i book those kind of tour in chengdu when i'm there so that all my transportation can be taken care of?

thanks in adv.


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Feb 25, 2002
FYI, Jiuzhaigou is currently closed to tourist (unless you have a PRC passport)

Jan 10, 2007
oh, is it? am not aware of this. is there news on this? i must have missed it.

Is there any places in chengdu that is worth visiting? heard from ppl that there is emei shan and panda enclosures..

You can go 乐山 which is on the way to 峨眉山 and then 海螺沟. HTH

Just check any tour agent near your hotel they are very good and much better than SG tours. :donno:

Add : nearby chengdu can visit 青城山、西岭雪山、九龙沟、九峰山、天台山 and 龙池森林公园.

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Within Chengdu itself, you can visit many interesting places.

Like the Zhu Ge Liang temple. Next to the temple is a shopping street modeled after ancient times which is free of charge to enter. There is a very nice ambience to it.

Another suggestion is the Daoist Bai Yun Daoist Temple. Legend has it that the legendary Lao Zi passed by this temple before. It is highly recommended that you try out their tea (free flow) and bask in the ambience of native Si Chuan residents fanning themselves and lazing around in rattan chairs and sipping tea.

The Panda reserve is also worth visiting as Cheng Du is really the home of the panda bears. The tour guide once told me that President Clinton loved the Panda bears so much that he made it a point to visit them everyday. They therefore named the public road leading to the panda reserve as President's Way in honour of him.

As other's have suggested, Emei and Le Shan are also nearby and are worth visiting.

If I were in your position, I would sign up with one of those hotel local tour groups.


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Feb 16, 2005
Panda zoo! you can spend 2 days there! lots of nice thing to eat at chendu!
2 days not enough for jiuzhaigou. if you travel by car, it takes 1 full day to reach, unless you go by plane.

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Jan 10, 2007

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions.

Will definitely check out the local tours there cos not intending to get a land package in Singapore.

Bro Big Kahuna,

Thanks for the the link to the blog, will try to see whether will i be able to accomodate all these places, since it's only 2 days there.

Bro Lord Soth,

Thanks for your suggestions, will try to check out these places, since it's highly recommended and always prefer to shoot landscapes.

Bro oeyvind,

Any idea why is jiuzhaigou closed to tourists? due to the earthquake?

Alright, thanks all for your suggestions.

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