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    To Convert Photos into DVD or VCD playback

    Anybody knws of a place where they provide this service? I've actually reproduced it into a Powerpoint presentation but am thinking of cutting it into DVD or VCD format now. As my computer system is rather old and it doesn't seem justifiable to upgrade my whole setup and just to install a...
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    Canon dslr with Nikon lens

    You'll be trying to place a square peg into a round hole...
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    What's on your wish list ?

    We have the same wish list....
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    Aerial Shot of Port or Seacoast

    I once source for a photographer for an aerial shot. Its about $20k plus. Yes, you have to rent a heli and the tripod is mounted to the flooring of the heli. Even the photographer is trained and there are not many in sg... as for the equipment used, I'm not too sure as my client chickened out...
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    Punggol Road Sunrise

    Wondering if you went off track?
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    Bag recommendations

    My suggestion is to get a bigger bag... don't be like me. I got a fitting bag and currently...after getting more lens, I have no choice but to get a bigger bag. Thus, spending more money in the end... :cry: In a nutshell, bigger bag gives u options to carry the other stuff whereas a fitting...
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    A whirlwind 4D3N trip to East Java, Indonesia

    I'm not so much of a portrait guy but pic 5 looks awesome with the hues...
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    How do you spend more time on photography?

    I tried poisoning my gf to take up photography but it isn't her thing. Thus I'm now a loneranger...losing sleep to sneak a couple of hour here and there.... before or after meeting her.
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    Asterix goes to Myanmar

    Nicely documented and beautiful pictures. May you please pm me the cost of the whole trip? Thanks.
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    Fish tank reflection

    Recommend you to pop the question at Aquatic Quotient forum http://www.aquaticquotient.com/forum/index.php Its a forum for aquascapers & taking photos of their tanks are rather common. Here's one I plucked from there.
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    Which fisheye lens to recommend

    Yeah, I second nightwolf75's opinion. Its like a nice to have but not a must have lens.
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    Slide Show

    Yes. I'm also looking for a method but so far have tried powerpoint but then used EM Powerpoint video converter to transfer the media to .avi but resolution totally out. Any bros know how to do it?
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    Canon 24-70 F2.8L IS

    Oh....time to start saving money.
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    Bacolod City, Philippines

    Beautiful shots.. really nice. :thumbsup:
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    Need advice on this photo & loads of others like this

    Thanks for the replies guys... I want the people and the lanterns to be sharp and I did use a tripod. I've also tried to increase the shutter speed but the EQ of the cam doesn't allow it to snap... thus, I can only take at 13sec. 13sec isn't a choice I wanna make but no other choice as the cam...
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