WTSell: Rangefinder - Leica M3 Double Stroke

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Equipment Type: Rangefinder
Equipment Brand: Leica
Equipment Model: M3 Double Stroke
Price (S$): 1128
Selling my personal good condition M3 DS at a very affordable price. You probably would have known that if you buy a Leica today, you might and probably will be able to sell it at a higher price later even after exposing 100 rolls of negatives & slides. Some say it's a better investment than most blue chips on the Wall Street.

Hence, at this price, I personally feel it's a no brainer decision.

Camera is in very very good working condition. Winding is very smooth and shutter is the best sounding among ALL the M series bodies. Curtain is very clean and shutter is spot on. I've exposed a few rolls on this beauty and every shot came out perfectly exposed, with my VC meter (of cos!)

Leatherette is very clean and intact. Inside the camera is as good as day 1, 60 yearts ago.

Viewfinder is clean and bright. At 0.92x magnification, it's almost as good as the Bessa R3A & R3M. Hence it would be a perfect combination with the Nokton 50/f1.1 or Noctilux or the Canon 50 0.95 or 1.2.

Now... why at this price? Luckily, there is a small little nick at the corner of the camera. It's about 1 to 2mm in size and you probably would not notice it after putting on the strap.

Needless to say, this imperfection will not and never affect operation and image quality. If you are buying a camera to shoot, cameras with slight imperfection is best to use as you will not feel that it's so good that it has to be shrink wrap and handled with white gloves.

Personally, the M3 is the best M camera the company have ever made. Feel is better than the M6 and definitely better than the digital M. If you are looking for a good M body to start your RF journey or to upgrade, make no mistakes, this user body is the perfect tool for RF photography.

If you are new to the M systems, I can give you a short intro to kick start your journey.... No meter? NO worries... there's always the VC II meter or your trusty point and shoot camera OR I can give you a simple tutorial on how to guesstimate exposure. Most of the time, 90% of the time it's as accurate as the light meter.

I will give a 1 month warranty on camera mechanism. Just bring back to me within 1 month if there is any fault with working of the camera.

Enough said, Viewing can be done at my shop at Excelsior Shopping Centre #02-25 from 2pm till 7pm on Monday to Fridays, Sat 3pm to 7pm. Payment by NETS or Cash or both.

Real Name: Chii Fei
Contact Number: 94893145
Email Address: chiif@chiifcameras.com

Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 8
Warranty Status: 1 month

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