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  • Hi there,
    You do ship lucky films internationally, right? So,what would be the total price to seattle if I were to buy 30rolls?

    Looking forward to your pm.

    Thank you very much.
    Hi chiif,
    I'd like to confirm that the Heliar 15mm/f4.5 doesn't have rf coupling?
    dear Chiif,
    can help me to get one -1 diopter? i'll take it from your place if you got it later...
    will still do some research about the 35mm... thx a lot :)
    Hi Chiif,
    It's wellington ( igor's friend, come to your place with him to collect his cam / lens before remember? )
    yea, i want to check do you have stock of -1 diopter for R4a? i need to buy one..
    and which one do you prefer? nokton 35 1.2 or 35 1.4 ? any suggestion?
    Thanks Chiif,

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