WTSell: Lens - Tokina (PentaxMount) 90mm F2.5 AT-X Macro Lens with 1:1 Extender. A Legendary Macro Lens. Bokina

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Aug 25, 2004
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Equipment Type: Lens
Equipment Brand: Tokina (PentaxMount)
Equipment Model: 90mm F2.5 AT-X Macro Lens with 1:1 Extender. A Legendary Macro Lens. Bokina
Price (S$): 585
Bought this lens a while ago for over $400usd from ebay. Had a lot fun w/ it. I also have a Pentax A100/2.8 macro lens which is another gem lens. It's really hard to decide which one to let go. But I'm saving up for the new K-7 camera, can't keep both. I'm keeping the Pentax A100/2.8 macro purely because it's a Pentax, not because it's a better lens.

IQ wise, I do feel the Tokina 90/2.5 is better at wide apertures. It's sharper w/ better bokeh than the Pentax A100/2.8. The lens is one of the sharpest lens, w/ a MTF of 4.6 at photodo, one of the highest ever. Its bokeh is so smooth, some even call it a Bokina (or Bokeh King) :D.

The Tokina 90/2.5 is a 1:2 macro lens on its own, it needs the 1:1 macro extender (which is included in this sale) to reach 1:1 macro level. The lens is very well built, quite heavy for a lens in this size. This is a full manual lens, you have to use M mode to get the best out of it.

If you want to read more about this lens, please take a look at these theads:

The lens I'm selling is in excellent to mint condition w/ perfect glass and perfect working order. Only very few sign of use on the barrel edges. The macro extender is almost like new, probably seldom used. They come w/ the original dedicated hard case which opens from the center, half for the lens, and half for the extender. I also bought a brand new 55mm screw on metal lens hood for the lens, you can even put a 62mm lens cap (not included) at the front of the hood.

The lens comes w/ original front and rear caps, and a high quality Heliopan filter. The extender comes w/ non-original front and rear caps.

It's really hard to find a Tokina 90/2.5 AT-X lens as clean as this one. I might regret the sale in the future. But for now, K-7 has the priority.

Here are some photos of the actual lens selling:

Real Name: Feng Wei
Contact Number: 94281380

Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 10
Warranty Status: One week personal warranty

Lens, macro extender, caps, filter, lens hood and hard case.

Additional Comments:
Meet up on the west side at mutual convenience. Please sms/call if interested.

Thanks and cheers!

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