The best way to post pictures online from Aperture 3


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Mar 12, 2010
Hi all,

I currently post pictures online using the flickr plug-in on aperture 3. However, I do realise that this might not be the best as flickr will resize the pictures resulting in a loss of sharpness. I seem to notice that the pictures I posted using this method is not as sharp & colours are not as vibrant as the originals on my screen, although i recognise the colour issue maybe becos my laptop screen is not calibrated.

So I guess my real question is what is the workflow of most Aperture users AFTER post-processing. Do you simply use the Aperture plug-in as well with no issues or if there are other options out there?

thanks! :)


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Feb 11, 2009
Singapore, Singapore, Singapor
i use aperture 3 to upload to flickr also, currently my flickr account is not pro. under aperture 3 upload to flickr options theres size "web images" and 2 other options(if your flickr is pro account). maybe you want to try the other 2 options..? web images size is definetely not as good as the other 2 options.