Studio Model Shoot - Nov 22

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Mar 2, 2002
Astin Studio
Hi I am organizing studio model photo shoot on November 22, if you are interested to join, pm or email or sms me.

Date : Nov 22 (Saturday)
Time : 2-6pm
Location : studio
Cost : $60 per photog per shoot
Ratio : max 8 photogs to 1 model; each photog will have 2 sessions, each session will be 10 minutes.

Here is some fine details about the studio model shoot:

Details about the model: we hire professional model, with proper make-up and clothing, typically 1 set of formal and 1 set of casual.

Details about the studio: the shooting area is 14 feet wide and 26 feet long, with 10 feet celing height, we have 3x Bowen studio flash and 4x color backdrop paper (black/grey/blue/white), and some props, the photog just need to bring the camera with his fav lens, we will provide a Infra-red trigger or sync cord.

Details about the shooting: the shooting is on a queue system, meaning 1 photog will shoot first, while the rest 7 will stay away in another room. Each photog will have 10 minutes on his own with the model, he will need to guide the model to pose whatever he likes, and communicate directly with the model. This is like a 1-to-1 session shoot. After the 1st round is completed, we will ask the model to change to 2nd clothing and we will also change the lighting and backdrop color and start the 2nd round. (another 10 minutes)

What do you do when you are not shooting and just waiting: we provide many photo magazines and fashion magazines for everyone to read, but in our past shoots, most people would just sit around and chit-chat about photography & equipment. Afterall this is our common interest.

What basic equipment you need: you need a camera with either a hot-shoe or a x-sync connector, and a lens, and some films or memory cards, and some batterys, everything else will be provided by the studio.

Whether you are beginners or experienced photogs, all are welcome! pm or email or sms me.

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