Stay Young.

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Apr 26, 2007

This photo reminds me about my childhood, a lot. I bet it does remind most of you out there, too.

When you had nothing to worry about other than where to play today and how to make bluffs when you forgot to do your homeworks. Those were the days...

As time goes by, it's almost impossible to remain physically young. But mentally, it is possible.

Stay young.
Exposure: 0.003 sec (1/320)
Aperture: f/5
ISO Speed: 200

I was at Vivocity rooftop the other day, wanted to capture playful moment of the kids up there, and I finally pick this photo among the rest.

Just wanted to know, do you feel the playful and emotions from the kid? Altogether with the written words, does it remind you about your childhood? Does this frame tells a story?



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May 5, 2007
wat a nice pic ty for the inspiration :) for my montage competition (youth) lol searching for ideas on childhood... planning to shoot tomm if anyone has any ideas on where to shoot or wat kind of picture to take plz feel free to pm me or contact me at 97331299 ty


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Dec 29, 2006
hey ch3nyong,
i'm no expert, but i liked your choice of subject.
some points i might add/suggest, based on what i would have done to this same picture (i enjoy taking pictures of children too):

- more telephoto zoom, or closer crop to bring the viewers closer to the boy, so we can see the details of his facial expression, his eyes, his hand and the water droplets.. i think it will bring out more life and action in the picture.
- might have wanted to try take more photos of the boy as he went along, and go for one where you can actually see his eyes. allowing the viewer to look into the boys eyes add a whole new dimension to the photograph - the eyes are often described as 'windows to the soul', and in instances when the facial expression does involve eye contact, does wonders to the depth of emotion a photograph has.

but this is not to say that all shots should have eyes open! closed eyes work too in relevant instances. for the photograph that you took, the expression of his face could have been stronger/more evocative (his eyes are closed and he is looking down, which don't look that exciting).
just my two cents. keep enjoying photogrphy :)

all the best for montage, spazzer. had wanted to give it a shot, and even more so since the theme is CHILDHOOD, but i'm way too busy this weekend. heh. but been shooting almost everyday this week.

Mar 26, 2005
I am a bit bothered that I can't figure out exactly how is he playing. What is he holding in his hand?

You did capture the mood of the childhood, though I would have changed the title somewhat. The "Stay Young" title may also apply to a shot showing old energetic ladies in the retirement home doing their morning exercise.

This is just "Youth" or "Being Young", at this age nobody worries (yet) about STAYING young.

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