Spend Christmas and New Year at Nujiang, Yunnan

Jan 11, 2006
I am looking for people who wish to spend this upcoming Christmas and New Year in Nujiang Prefecture in Yunnan, China.

The Nujiang (怒江) gorge area is the most southwesterly end of China which borders with Myanmar. It is home to several minority ethnic groups, including the Lisu (傈僳族), Nu (怒族), and Tibetans. This little known region has been closed off from the rest of the world until not long ago when roads were built, and only begin to make it more accessible. Its natural beauty and richness in ethnic diversity and culture makes it a very interesting (somewhat quirky) destination to spend this coming holiday season.

More little known is the fact that Christians missionaries introduced Christianity to this region in the early 20th century and most of the ethnic minorities are devout Christians. It is the purpose of this trip to spend Christmas and New Year by participating in the festivities and celebration activities with the locals.

The group will be led and guided by a professional documentary photographer Zhou Wei (htttp://zhouweiphoto.com) who has been covering the region for the past 8 years. His work on Nujiang includes a book (钟摆上的怒江), a audio CD recording of Christian hymns performed by the local church choral groups and a documentary film.

About the Trip:
This is a fully guided tour with a focus on documentary photography.

Date: 22 Dec 2015 to 2 Jan 2016 (12 days and 12 nights)
Cost: 1980 SGD per pax
Fee includes:
1. A SUV which will be chartered for the entire journey starting with an airport pickup at Kunming Airport, and ending of a drop-off to Kunming Airport.
2. Food & lodging for entire journey.
No additional tips/tickets/tolls etc is required.

See a map of the planned route on google map:

Please note that Nujiang is a remote region, which is still highly under-developed. I am seeking seasoned travelers with an keen interest traveling off-the-beaten-track, and dont mind less-than-perfect lodging arrangements for this trip.

For more info and detail itinerary -
Contact: Keith @ 9636- or ktan.kh@gmail.com

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