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I am having difficulty achieving the right sharpening without creating too much halo or articificial "blotchness" in my final digital image. Though it looks ok to 3rd party, it still fail my own standard in terms of a clean image.

Can fellow photog here share their proven sharpening settings (it would also serve as a good thread for beginners to pick up) for the following softwares (which I am using):

1) Nikon Capture
2) Photoshop (across all versions)
3) CaptureOne
4) Pixmantec RawShooter (free)

Thanks a lot!

I normally use the Lab Sharpening method in Photoshop.. with either Unsharp Mask filter or Smart Sharpen of CS2. The amount of sharpness applied totally depends on the image, image resolution and the taste of my own.


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Aug 3, 2004
Wah you so rich can buy some many software. Few thousand US dollars. To solve your
problem buy Nik sharpening pro, or others sharpening plugin for PS. The amt of money is small compare to those you have already invested:sticktong. For C1pro not much choice,
2 slider to play with, all up to your own preference, still cannot output in tiff and do it in PS.

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