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Sep 27, 2006

It’s Friday; the weekend’s almost here, so let’s kick it off by learning some really helpful shortcuts for Lightroom’s Library Module. Here we go:
(1) Press ‘t’ to toggle the toolbar at the bottom of the thumbnail grid on/off. When it’s on, press and hold ‘t’ to temporarily toggle it off; release the “t’ to bring it back.
(2) Press Option-1 to apply the first keyword in your current Keyword Set. Press Option-2, for the 2nd, Option-3 for the third and so on (On a PC, it’s Alt-1, Alt-2, Alt-3 and so on).
(3) Press \ (backslash) to show/hide the Library filter across the top of the Thumbnail grid
(4) Press + to make your thumbnails larger. Press – to make them smaller.
(5) Press Shift-Tab to hide all the top, bottom and side panels so only the Thumbnails are visible. Press Shift-Tab again to bring them back.
(6) To Stack selected images under one thumbnail; press “Command-G (PC: Ctrl-G).” To UnStack: click on the stacked thumbnail and press “Shift-Command-G (PC: Shift-Ctrl-G). To move an image to the top thumbnail in the Stack, press Shift-S. To expand the Stack, press “s.” To collapse it again, press “s” again.
(7) To apply a star-rating, and automatically move to the next image; hold Shift and press 1-5. To apply a Color Label, and automatically move to the next image; hold Shift and press 6-9. To remove all Stars, press “0.” To remove a color label, right-click on the thumbnail; go under ‘Set Color Label’ and choose “None.”
Hope you found that helpful.

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Have a great weekend!
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