Seeking for advices for configuring a good tripod

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Jul 17, 2007
Hi all,
I am trying to configure a good tripod but am a bit loss with the various big brands - Markins, RRS and Kirk.

I had boiled down my choices to the following:
Legs - Gitzo GT2531 Mountaineer
Tripod base - Markins Tripod Base
Ball Head - Markins M10 QNS (No QR) or RRS BH40?
QR Clamp - Loss: Is Kirk or RRS better? Looking at the BH-1 and RRS PCL-1 Panning Base.
Plate - Kirk (for my K10D).

I heard that the Markins QR clamps are not so good compared to RSS? Is the Markins the best in terms of frcition control? Are all the parts compatible with one anther of should I just stick with one brand? Thanks for any helpful advice.

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