Repairing JPEG photos

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Sep 5, 2005
Hi guys,

need some advice and some help in this problem.
I have some JPEG photos which shows file name and size and some of them even shows thumbnail preview. But when I try to open the file, the JPEG file is either fuzzy looking, rainbow colored or even greyish color background. Some files cant even open with error message "Cant open file" or "No preview available" .

I have done some googling in the net and downloaded some freewares and trialwares on JPEG recovery with no success.
I even read in some forum that corrupted files have to change to the right HEX number inorder to view the full picture version.

I am illitrate in this field, would appreciate some help in restoring some of my corrupted JPEG.

(apparently, this problem is very common with some of the photographers)

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