Recommendation for MBPr battery replacement.


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Apr 25, 2011
Hi all,
My MacBook Pro Retina (early 2013) is giving me 'service battery' warning.
Has anybody changed their MacBook battery before? Any recommendations on where to go and how much it will cost?



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Apr 26, 2008
The last time I changed mine (15" 2011 mbp) was in 2013, there were roughly 3 price tiers.
Cheap - $60-$80 depending on model
Mid-range - $150-$250
Ex - Replace with Apple - I think $300+? Not too sure. In US it's US$199, so about there.

I went to Unicell @ SLS. Price range approx $60-70 at that time if I recall correctly. The lifespan of the cells I received was a little short-lived though. Performed well the first few months, but after 6 months, it was down to 2-3 hours on a full charge. So can't compare with the original.

There are also shops that offer more expensive options, but I'm not sure if their cells have better longevity, but they usually have at least 1 yr warranty. But check what the warranty covers. For the mid-range shops, just google "macbook battery replacement singapore", the hits on the first page. Personally haven't used them at all, so can't recommend a specific one.

If performance like the original is important to you, you can also go back to Apple for a replacement. I think can call to get a rough estimate for your model before sending in.