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Hi everyone.

I am posting some pictures i took some time back, for your kind critique and lambasting.=)

Owing to my dodgy Photoshop skills and dodgier scanner, the photos arent really as balanced as i intended them to be, but I took these photos in the hope of trying out the most interesting perspective to me.

Yep... so do take a look, i would appreciate it greatly, and offer your advice on how i can try to take better pics?

P.s: just so you know, i took most of there pics on a Minolta Dynax 404si, using Kodak Max 400 film, if im not wrong. Then I scanned em in and did the relavant tweaking.


Pic 1:

I took this photo during CNY this year, when my mom was preparing coffee/tea for guests. I tried to play around with the DOF so that the middle cup was in focus.

Pic 2:

This picture happened by coincidence one day as i was walking home. I realised that one of the poles was bent at a strange degree. Happening to have my camera, I tilted it to what i thought would place the pole at a vertical position in the photo and snapped. I only realised that it was slightly skewed after developing, and did some minor rotation on Photo Shop

Yep. all for now.... thanks for your time in reading this and thanks even more if you offered an opinion or suggestion



(Yep thats my name... My parents werent too crazy about having a son called drummercow. :bsmilie: )

Not open for further replies.
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