Please recommend Air-con repair for Home.

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Oct 12, 2006
I've a unit that cannot turn on.
CAn anyone recommend me someone gd? Thks
have u changed the battery of that remote? or use the other remote to try turning it on?

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Dec 15, 2004
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then how many have you tried.?
I tried about 4 over the years...

1. Not professional, I doubt they are qualified because all look like ah beng ah seng from neighbouring country. Kept wanted to con me into long maintenance contract....once I hear them deliberately discharge my gas, later told me my gas need to top up at x dollar...damn it.

2. Not punctual, I took half day leave anticipating them but they play me out despite assurance of the appointment time the day before from their admin I have to take the whole day leave as they can only come in the afternoon.

3 Don't know what he does and my air cond get worse after each of his service.

4. The final one are from Gain City....they fixed all the problems(water leakage, fan coil vibration noise) that I had....their charges are also very reasonable and competitive.....their staff are polite, punctual and most importantly honest....example I have a system 3 and on the subsequent half yearly servicing, he did not bill me 1 of the fan coil servicing cost as it was still like new as I hardly use it since it's in my guess room, but he still clean the dust filter for me :thumbsup:


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Mar 17, 2004
My friend have some bad experience with them. The installation was terrible.

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