Photography @ Chinese Garden

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Jan 3, 2006
I am new for this forum. I am here coz I like bloggin as u all do and currently I have 2 Blogs. My favorite is my MySpace. I hope you all visit my blog and leave some comments so that I also get a chance to visit Ur Blog.

Anyone of u having problems with your photos like staining, getting yellowish. I also got these problems some days back. But, now I met with a website whose main work is making our photos look nice by doing photo restoration, reconstruction or retouching depending upon the damage happened to our photos. So, if anyone has like that photos, these people are doing for normal prices. The site name is "Fireia" and you can check it out at
Hi Fiera. Welcome to Clubsnap forum. BTW, this thread is not longer active. It will be close as of 080807.

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