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Jan 6, 2010
Hey all!

I've been interested in film for quite abit now but not very active here, so hello!

CAN! Create is my final year project and is an arts campaign that encourages everyone to be creative this year. It’s held in celebration of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. Thus, note that we're a non-commercial non-profit student-led campaign!

We're having an event on 27 Feb (Sat) and I'd like to invite all photographers who might be interested in coming to the event.

We're going to create and fly 169 kites in the air @ Marina Barrage, have an open space for picnics to enjoy our day-long live performances, and various other art activities. Our GOH Arts NMP Ms Audrey Wong will be coming by to say hi and have a little fun in the sun too.

27th Feb 2010, 1.30pm – 6pm

Marina Barrage

Getting there...
Address: 260 Marina Way, Singapore 018976
Parking Lots available to drivers
Free shuttle bus service from Marina Bay MRT Station to Marina Barrage.
Every 10-minute intervals.

The event's going to be pretty relaxed and for anyone who's interested to come and photograph, put your name down here!

Also, if you guys have time to spare, check out and make a creative submission with one of your many photos while you're there!

Thanks so much!



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Nov 24, 2008
NTU....been covering a couple of their events. Even the later on Lion Dance Competition.

do you have an itinerary of events from 1:30 to 6:00pm?

Take note, if its as free and easy for every photographer as you describe..the official media is guaranteed to have a problem especially during the more official events.

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