Panasonic "Cheats" Singaporeans :(


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Jul 11, 2007
Hi guys,

I thought I would update you all on the situation with Panasonic and their S1 and S1R cameras.

Almost everywhere else in the world has pledged to give the V-Log key away for free while here in Singapore (even though we pay higher prices locally) they are charging us $300 to buy V-log. Again early adopters almost the whole world over are getting V-Log for free but us Singaporeans being loyal to Panasonic Singapore have to pay $300.

I thought this was unfair so I bought it up with them and to keep me quiet they wanted to offer V-log to me for 50% off.. I thought this was shameful to accept as it would not benefit the rest of my fellow Panasonic S1/S1R users in Singapore so I did not accept the offer instead I'm writing here to let you know that they tried to buy my silence so at the VERY least if you're stuck and need V-log for work you should fight them until they give you 50% off... BUT if you are like me and want to take a stance, I think you should voice your opinion that we should be getting V-Log for free as we already pay higher prices for Panasonic in Singapore than we would have to if we bought in the region.

Anyway just wanted to keep you all informed so nobody else is cheated by them.


P.S. I have email proof if they're giving anyone trouble about 50% off V-Log.. But again I'd hope you all fight to get it free like we deserve.


Aug 10, 2004
Canada, Singapore
Why should you be concerned. You are not better off when you back out from your words. Why should people believe you in the 1st place, it is as if we don't know!!
When you who do not even honoured your words and you want Panasonic to do this and do that. Well as you have said, it;'s a free market, prices go up and down. Is there anything that is free in your vocabulary..?? What a lame!!