Olympus to sell off camera division

Castor Troy

Oct 28, 2009
I will miss Olympus.
Recently started shooting macros with my EM1 Mark 1 and 60/2.8 macro and it is a nice lightweight combination with good results (in good light at ISO 200).
Dynamic range is a bit limited.
I do like my Olympus toys and wish they would have released the 100/2.8 IS Pro Macro.
Looking to acquire a few more lenses before the curtains close in a final farewell.


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Feb 24, 2005
Olympus (parent company) is a strong engineering enterprise. Instead of harnessing that prowess and using R&D to make digital camera with BIG sensors to improve the product, Olympus poured money into marketing to prop up an obsolete Micro 4/3 concept. Maybe websites were hired to sing their praises. In Malaysia there is a well known one. I tested a website in US and left a simple comment that did not praise Olympus Micro 4/3. That comment was promptly deleted by the website owner. You only find comments exuberantly praising Olympus Micro 4/3 on that website. This is the problem. After a while Olympus Camera Imaging Division began to believe the fake flattery and ignored reality.

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Sep 18, 2019
Yes, I am one of whose who stood by Olympus, but I do not have any "bitter resentment" to those who predicted Olympus sell-off or discontinuation.
I fully agree that this is bound to happen, just like any other products eg. CD Players, Vehicle GPS, Desktop PCs.................. people change and demographic preferences change.

But like I mentioned earlier, I now view products with a 3 year shelf life. As long as I feel that I can use any product for 3 years and the price is
acceptable to me, I will buy it. Just like the relatively unknown brand of TV, Prism. I just bought their 55" TV just because they offer me 3 years
warranty, even though it is a local brand.

If you ask me, I will still get the Olympus 150-400 with built in teleconverter if it is still being released in August.
Because I strongly believe that I can use it for 3 years with my Olympus Camera and hopefully, with Panasonic
bodies if Olympus is no longer in production.

Anyway, though my experience with Olympus is relatively short (1 year +) compared to 20+ years with Canon,
I must say enjoyed this 1 year+ with Olympus with all their workshops and user engagement, and I am really
grateful for that :)

Breaking news announced today on CNA TV. Olympus to sell its Camera Imaging Division to Japan Industrial Partners. The timing is about end 2020.
tommyk and I have been telling you. But we seem to have hit a wall of bitter resentment by a minority of users, some of whom may be deeply invested in Olympus Micro4/3rd. Nothing personal, though. We were just pointing out a matter of common sense. Although Olympus is making a lot of money from medical products, apparently their investors and share holders are not happy to continue to throw tons of money into a bottomless pit and keep losing money year after year after year. Actually I do own some Olympus film and digital cameras, but there is not need to list details of item ownership, as though it is a badge of honour or something to boast about or vindication of one's standing to talk about the topic. The truth is the truth. In an era where big size full frame sensors have become viable to make at a reasonable production price, very small sensors in a range of Expensive Digital ILC do not make any sense to NEW buyers. When they plan to build a system over the years into the future.


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May 6, 2010
Hi Pitachu

The Olympus top SHG grade lenses for Four Third is working fine after many years (some more than 15 years) so for a top pro lens, 3 years is no problem (unless it is human error like dropping it into the sea). Some of Oly 12-40 pros are already 7 years or older and they performed as flawlessly as day 1.

Enjoy your photography.