Olympus to sell off camera division


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Jun 10, 2013
The OLYMPUS m4/3 system is causing Great losses and with little future left due to disappointing sales in their EM1x and pro lens like 300mm f4 etc.. Due to consumers abandoning Olympus, and continued losses, who could be a likely buyer?

1. Temasek, because they have a track record of buying into companies who are famous but past their primes, eg stanchart, ubs etc

2. Huawei, because they want a larger consumer based and can use olympus technology to improve on their own. If only The japanese are okay with selling to The chinese easily.

3. Private Equity players

4. Peter Lim

Any comments?


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Feb 24, 2005
Olympus is still famous for medical scoping via a tube inserted into human body.
Olympus does not depend on its camera division.
When Maitani introduced the OM1 SLR film camera in 1972 it was a sensation.
(I still keep the beautiful OM1-MD body)
Along the way film died and digital took over.
Olympus tried 4/3 Digital SLR but was not successful.
Then Olympus, Panasonic formed MFT in 2008. Had some initial success with MFT.
Over time technology improved and prices dropped. (just check how much you paid for memory cards in the past compared to now)
Sony introduced its A7 in 2013. It began to carve out a large slice of the market.
Canon and Nikon were afraid to go into autofocus full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera .
Afraid that it would cannibalise their digital SLRs.
But the rise and rise of Sony finally frightened Canon and Nikon so much, that they overcame their management paralysis.
Canon and Nikon went all out into autofocus full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera in 2019.
They had allowed Sony free rein for 6 years to monopolise this segment. It was a tactical mistake.
Bill Gates publicly admitted his biggest regret was missing the boat on mobile phones and letting Apple dominate.
By the time Microsoft tried to sell the Windows mobile phone, it was too little too late. Windows phone failed miserably.
By 2019 the writing was on the wall for MFT, as larger sensor sizes dropped in price.
Panasonic began to leave the MFT sinking ship in 2018 and by 2019 had 2 full frame mirrorless interchangeable lens bodies to sell.
MFT will not die overnight. Because there are many who have invested heavily into the system.
They insist MFT is wonderful. Better not argue with them. They have a right to their opinion.
No one will buy Olympus MFT camera division. Except for the 5 axis body IS technology, it has no other value.
Like Sony Walkman portable tape recorders, MFT will die a slow death over a few years and eventually disappear from the market.
Overtaken by the progress of technology, i.e. the ability now to sell full frame sensor digital cameras to consumers at reasonable prices.
Pricing is everything.
What is the use of state of the art world beating technology if a camera costs USD$100,000?
The ordinary consumer will not be able to buy.
Now in 2019 full frame sensor cameras have fallen in price within the locus of the ordinary consumer.
Thus after a while, say for example by the year 2025 especially for new buyers; they will not consider APS-C or MFT.
Because for the same price or less, they can have full frame.
The analogy is: Why buy a Perodua Kancil when for the same price or less, you can have a Mercedes-Benz?

Compare Sony A7 R IV to Olympus E-M1X. Oh, dear..... it is not looking good for Olympus.
Compare the price, size, weight, image megapixel 61MP to 20MP, sensor size, eyeAF (if any on Oly), pixel shift image size 240MP vs 50MP, resolution of EVF, AF in Video mode, dual band wifi, bluetooth NFC, ability to accept digital audio input, etc...

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Jun 10, 2013
The writing is on the wall in line with what you have written.
In 3-5 years time, FF mirrorless will be like $1.1.5k and gets mainstream even for most 1st time camera buyers.
Where will m4/3 be and how much can it be sold, sandwiched between the ever presence phone cameras and FF?

The question is how many new "pro-like" camera bodies will be released by Olympus before 2025?