Nikon D80 VS Pentax K10D??

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Apr 26, 2007
hi all,
i wish can get my first dslr in this month... but now i confusion btw this two dslr, can anyone give some opinion to me?

normally i consider tat (in order)
image quality



Apr 17, 2005
The pixels on the K10D is a bit more pronounced and prominent due to the Pentax's decoding algorithm. To some people, this gives a 'sharper' look.

Within the abundance of Nikon AF lenses and, the lower costs and versatility of Pentax K lens, both DSLRs are great buys.

In term of ergonomics and handling I prefer the K10D over D80.


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Feb 11, 2005
This qns had been repeated many times. X vs Y brand which one is better ?
Making the decision to get the first DSLR is always hard.
You not only choose the camera, you are choosing the system.

Know what you like to shoot, and think far ahead.

If I'm a newbie, I will choose D80.
Wider range of lens to try. Cheaper 3rd party lens more easily available.
A larger 2nd-hand market to sell off the equipment,
if a wrong decision is made.

I 'm not bias against Pentax. Indeed I envy K10D owners who have built-in
SR, more bang for the bucks for lens & weather-seal body.
Pentax I feel is more for experience DSLR users who knows what they want
with their tools. And they can yield great results with them.


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Nov 28, 2005
My suggestion... Go to a shop, hold both in your hands. See which feels more natural, which one feels like you could hold it for hours and not feel tired.


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Mar 14, 2007
In a not so green world!! :(
Simply - hold the cams in the shop...feel is most important when it come to chosing a between cams of similar specs. E.g. i went to the shop to buy a canon but found the D80 talking to me with ease...!! (no points for guessing which i bought!) :)

After can consider choice of lenses, costs of lenses, resale market etc etc as a second filter...

Cheers and welcome to the dslr club! :)

Apr 20, 2007
Go for a Nikon if you think you will want to purchase used Nikon gears. They are much easier to come by than Pentax's.


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Aug 25, 2004
If money is an issue, go w/ the K10D. It offers some great features at a very good price, and Pentax kit lens is a very good performer too. Plus a DA50-200, these will get you going for quite a while before you'd need another lens.

Besides, only Pentax got those cool little pancake lenses, and they are all very reasonably priced :)

Of course if money isn't an issue, get the D80, or better yet, the D200, plus a couple of VR lenses and you are set to go.



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Mar 29, 2004
I am a former user of Nikon D50 (and its film SLRs) and a current user of K10D.

I have considered D80 before and I love the viewfinder.
It is very bright, bigger and clearer than D50.
However, it does not have compatibility (metering only
possible in manual mode) to manual focus lenses.

If you are using the kit lens, i think both are quite the same.

Nikon has several cheaper AFS-G lens.
Nikon has a good range of zooms lens.
But Pentax has some of the best fixed lens in the SLR world.
(31,43,77 limited edition)

I feel Nikon's metering is slightly more accurate, Auto white balance is
very handy for no-brainer operation.
But if you like to stick to fundamental, learn the basics, go through
what the old birds had gone through, know what is colour shift in
different lightings, Pentax's white balance is very powerful and
highly configurable. But do prepare to do your homework
when you traverse this path.
Otherwise, adjust the colours during the post processing.

Nikon has better support and choices in second hand market.

Mmmmm, so why do I choose K10D?

price, features {shake reduction, weather proof, dust cleaning},
well thought out ergonomics during operation (e.g. green button)
availability of the best fixed lens money can buy.
build quality is slightly better than D80. You need D200 to
fight with K10D.

Yeah Nikon has its fair share of classic lens (105/2.5, 85/1.4, 105/2.8DC, 35/1.4,
180/2.8 ...) but Pentax limited edition range is designed from ground up,
and well executed. One only needs a deep pocket ... :)
(which I don't have, but aspire to acquire, bit by bit...)

The biggest bang for the buck, K10D cannot be beaten.
But if you forsee yourselves prefering to acquire zoom lens, buy and sell
in second hand market, Nikon is more suitable.

Since you mentioned that you are a new SLR user, I think it is difficult to
visualise where you like to go.
Maybe you preview your gadget acqusition history, and decide from there.

E.g. if you own a car, likes to mod it, buy different parts to tinker....
change handphones every two months...
-> most likely camp in buy n sell

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