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Hi all,
I'm currently using Nikon P5100 & I'm still not satisfied with the effects. I thought it'd be better but who knew it wasn't as good as thought it is until I've tried it. Thus, I planned to get a slr by the end of this year. I want to get a secondhand one from clubsnap's buy/sell forum. I just do not know which is better & etc. I'm currently looking at Nikon D40x & D40. It is about $1188 at Best Denki if I didn't remember wrongly. Not sure if it is only body or with lens. Please enlighten me about lens. I know nothing about them!

Let me know which is better or which do you recommend. Also tell me how much to save up! :D



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Sep 25, 2007
For the price of $1188, I think it should come with the kit lens ... which is the 18-55.

If you wish to know more about DSLR, check out the Equipment Discussions


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Oct 24, 2002
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If P5100 doesn't satisfy you then a dslr may dissapoint. P5100 comes with spot metering, spot AFcenter weighted, multi, antishake, TTL, iso 100-3200 etc. From what I see its functions are good and if those cannot be utilised then you won't be able to utilise a dslr as well since its functions are almost the same.
But then, if you really need to invest in a dslr the lens would cost a fortune. The kit lens set
$1188 with 18-55mm you can take portraits, panoramic shots but you can't zoom too far. In fact you'll need a telephoto zoom lens, which would set you from a few hundred for a 3rd party to a few thousand more (even far more than the kit lens set).
If your mind is set into jumping, you can get a 2nd hand D40 from buy and sell and invest the rest on tripods, bags, etc.


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Aug 25, 2006
If you intend to a 2nd hand DSLR from B&S forum,
look out for

D70s - approx. $550
18-70 kit lens - approx. $250
( Indicative price only, do yr own bargaining. )

In my opinion , this combination is the best value for money.

D70s is quite a powerful camera with many advance features that is no longer available in D40 and D40x .
The kit lens 18-70mm has very good Image Quality. ( With this kind of price, its a steal ! )

The noise is bit high on higher ISO setting. ( ISO 800 and above, due to older technology. ) ,
but I can guarantee it is many many times better than any prosumer camera ( which produce junk picture with ISO 400 and above ) .

When I first bought my D70s kit set 2 years ago, I dump all my prosumer camera forever ... and never look back.


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Apr 28, 2008
Why don't you get the new Nikon D60 and it comes with Kit Lens.... I just bought it about 2 weeks back it cost about $980.


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Dec 5, 2007
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I'll recommend EOS 450D w/kit lens.
Juicy 3.0" LCD and Live View :bigeyes:
Runs on affordable SDHC cards as well :thumbsup:
Also has a wide array of Lens to choose from.

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