Need some company for Portfolio Build-up

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Mar 23, 2010
Hi. First time posting, plus it's a pretty last minute thingy, so just trying my luck.

I'm a student seeking a few people (like 2 or 3) to accompany me to go around asking strangers to pose for shoots.

I'm building up a portfolio based on a few themes :

1) Rainbow - putting together a few shoots of the colours in the rainbow. May need some advice on what/where to shoot, say a fully pink shot.

2) Eyes, window to the soul - looking at shooting people's eyes (just the eyes) to let the shot communicate to viewers. Thus need to go up to strangers to ask them to pose.

3) I love Me - asking strangers (in town probably, or anywhere with more spontaneous crowd) to pose with a placard that reads "I Love Me" or something along that line. Need to go up to strangers.

I really need some encouragement and some help here. I'm intending to shoot on Wednesday (24/3) and Thursday (25/3). Got no time already:( would appreciate ANYONE who can come along. Whether you shoot or not. So long as you have the guts to approach strangers with me and not be afraid of rejections. Appreciate you reading!!:)

The role of a Photographer - to capture the image of God:)

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