Mwts Eos10d+bg-ed3

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Dec 17, 2002
Am waiting on the wating list for a 1D Mk2... thought of selling my 10D first so that I won't have to scramble to raise cash in case the shipment comes in sooner than expected.

Bought: April 2003 from Cathay Photo (so warranty just ended)
Condition: 9/10 (no scratches etc but green box on top dial faded off - probably from me using that mode too much! :D )

Sent to Canon (annual checkup) recently to make sure everything is ok. Probably shot around 20k+ frames. I'll give a personal 3-day money-back guarantee that everything works as it should.

Included is the vertical grip/batt back BG-ED3 as well the box + all software + strap etc etc. Also the original Canon battery and 2 OEM battery. Correct me if I'm mistaken but a brand new 10D is $2650 from AP and $2750 from Cathay and the BG-ED3 is $300.

I don't really have a RP as it depends whether I get "the call" but I'll like a minimum bid (for now anyhow) of $2300. You can post your bids or PM me.

And NO, I don't just want to sell the BG-ED3! ;)

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