Looking for buyer of 17-40mm from photosiao1980, suspected stolen lens sold.

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Nov 22, 2003

i'm not trying to create trouble, but i am trying to locate the buyer who bought the 17-40mm F4 L from photosiao1980. (Thread: http://www.clubsnap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=770343)

I lost my lens in Bishan St 12 blk 111 on Sunday and i have reasons to believe that the lens he sold might be mine. I am not making stupid accusations.

Firstly, he registered an account purely to sell the lens on the 26th Sept, exactly on the day i lost my lens.

Secondly, i tried to buy the lens from him, and i asked him where he lived, and it so happened that he lives in Bishan as well.

Thirdly, he has posted 3 times to sell the lens(within 3 days) and the first time, he posted his name to be wei wei, and subsequently changed it to Desmond.

I arranged to meet him earlier this evening to "view" the lens, but when i called him at 7pm, he told me he sold the lens in the afternoon. And to top it off, he said someone offered $800 for it, when his asking price was $700. When i asked him for the contact of the buyer so that i can verify the serial no. against mine, he told me he deleted the no. the moment he sold the lens (but he definitely has it in his email, cause he only placed his email contact on his sell thread).

His urgency to sell the lens, and the level of secretiveness, together with the fact that he lives in bishan as well led me to the conclusion that he was the one who took my lens.

I cannot verify if he really sold the lens, but if he did, i hope the buyer of the lens can contact me, i will pay you whatever you paid him for the lens. I just want my lens back and justice served. I have already made a police report, so the lens you bought is considered stolen goods anyway. So, please help me by contacting me so i can expose his lies and serve him justice.

I am a student and its is quite painful financially to have lost this lens, i just want to get over this and hope you can step out and do me a favour.

I would have offered a cash reward if he had returned the lens to me, but his lies and refusal to help me verify the ownership of the lens make me sick.



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Nov 28, 2005
If you get no reply, report the lens at stolen to Canon. So if the buyer brings it for servicing it will be flagged.

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