Lepa(r)k!: a gig at Tiong Bahru Park

Aug 1, 2009
Singapore, Bukit Batok
Lepa(r)k! welcomes all (free admission!) to Tiong Bahru Park on 19 November 2011 to join in the lively atmosphere and pulsating beats of Singapore indie rock music drummed up by new and familiar bands. A tongue-in-cheek play on the word “lepak”, a local colloquialism meaning to relax and hang out, this event hopes to do just that - attract youths, young adults and the young at heart to enjoy a gig in the park on a Saturday evening. Featuring buzzed-about homegrown bands Cheating Sons, In Each Hand A Cutlass, Obedient Wives Club, Ingride and Run Neon Tiger, and topped off by headling act Plainsunset. If good music and an exciting rock show is a prizefight, then this lineup of 6 stellar bands will surely pull no punches.

Lepa(r)k! is presented by Snakeweed Studios and Incursive Productions and organised by Tanglin Cairnhill Citizens' Consultative Committee.

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