iphoto or eos utility?

Which way?

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Dec 25, 2010
hi guys, not sure if this thread should be started under the digital darkroom, but ive got a question.

im using a mac, and was wondering when you import photos, do you usually import them using iphoto (happens when i plug my card using a card reader), or the eos utility (plug my camera straight into the com using the cable once).

iphoto vs stored in files that are arranged by date on your finder? im not sure about the differences and would be glad if any of you could share with me what are your preferences. its just that when its saved into the finder, you arent using a software to organise it and stuff. might be less exciting in terms of the user interface. but at the same time, iphoto seems ABIT wonky, because everytime i start it up, there seems to be a window popping up saying i have photos that have yet to be imported/etc.

anyone uses either way?


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Nov 26, 2007
i normally use the software that i will edit and arrange the photos to import it.

i agree using iphoto is abit weird when it keeps asking u to import photos. it does that when u move files i think.


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Dec 14, 2010
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Aperture or Adobe Lightroom

For me I use Aperture... like being able to integrate everything into the finder, maintain a library, quickly share stuff over the web (flickr/Facebook) and still be able to do my basic post-processing adjustments to my RAW file

Really depends on ur workflow... if you're the kind that shoots jpegs and hardly ever does adjustments, iPhoto will suffice

Anyway, Aperture is like iPhoto with basic photoshopping capabilities built in...

oh for that matter I'm a former Canon user who switched over to Sony recently... I never tried using the EOS utility before though, don't really know how intuitive it is...

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