Invitation to Dream - A Fire Garden Installation


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Jun 10, 2004
Invitation to Dream - A Fire Garden Installation
By Compagnie Carabosse (France)

The Singapore Arts Festival 2010 is all set to spark your imagination with an opening act that transforms the historic expanse of Esplanade Park and Empress Place Precinct into a glowing wonderland. Combining street art with creative fire display, internationally renowned French fire alchemist, Compagnie Carabosse recreates the urban landscape of the historic district, embellishing it with towering sculptures of metal, clay pots, fire curtains, blazing garlands and intricate patterns of flame. For three nights, the fire installation will light up the historic expanse of Empress Place Precinct and the Esplanade Park with an enchanting glow, carving out intimate spaces of warmth.

Accompanied by a haunting soundscape featuring renowned Asian musicians Andrew Lum and New Asia, Invitation to Dream promises to immerse all visitors in a breathtaking, yet tranquil experience that’s simply out of this world.

Within the familiar grounds of Singapore’s heritage trail, two captivating ‘Méli Mélo’ – tall metal rings resembling Ferris Wheels carrying firepots – slowly spin within each other, casting a hypnotic effect on the eyes.

A short walk away is another sensational sight: a ‘forest’ of glowing sleeveless vests seemingly suspended in mid-air, interspaced with flaming charcoal balls. At the ‘atmospheric ground’, one is surrounded by firepots and strategically placed radios broadcasting over 200 multilingual responses to the question, ‘What is life?’

Relaxing swings, hanging garlands of firepots and huge ‘fairy fireballs’ – metallic spherical frames studded with firepots – beckon visitors at the Esplanade Park. A starry ceiling of fiery bulbs lines pathways, with surreal sounds from overhead radios for soothing company. Tall fire stovepipes stand guard in one alley, gently billowing fire and smoke from their tops like a forest of glowing gothic candles. The pyrotechnic wizardry of Carabosse will light up a side of the Esplanade Park that has never been seen. Catch a glimpse of her hidden façade, and be spellbound.

For the safety of motorists and members of the public, Connaught Drive, Old Parliament Lane and Empress Place will be closed on 14 – 16 May 2010 between 1800h and 2330h. Parking is not allowed at the above mentioned road during the road closure, and vehicles found parking indiscriminately and/or causing obstruction will be towed away.

Motorists can expect delays on the affected roads and are advised to plan for a longer time for their journey. We would like to seek the cooperation of all road users to comply with the directions of the officers deployed along the affected road.

Click here to view map.

SMRT and SBS bus routes will also be diverted, please click here to view map of affected bus routes.

We seek the public’s understanding and co-operation for any inconvenience caused. Members of public may call the Festival Hotline at (+65) 6837 9589.

Supported by The French Embassy - Voilah! and Urban Renewal Authority

Held as part of the Marina Bay Invitations 2010

Date : 14 - 16 May
Time : 7.30pm - 10.30pm
Venue : Empress Place Precinct (Victoria Theatre and Asian Civilisations Museum Outdoors) and Esplanade Park
Ticket Prices : Free

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Dec 27, 2007
will anyone be there?

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