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  • Next target is 85mm F1.2 Mk2 second hand.
    congra, your new lens, indeed 24-70 is a nice lens to have.on top your 50mm F1.5
    Hi bro, good to heard from you, How you doing this while.
    Did you intent getting the D700? BBBB for year end 2008.
    me kena save till next year may or june, then i only can get hold of this bady.
    In the way of saving $$$$$$$$$$$.
    Sorry I accidentally banned your account by mistake. Will request the admin to reverse it. My sincere apologies.

    Update: your account has been re-instated. Once again, sorry about the mistake.

    And btw, thanks for the great efforts in helping to report spams. :thumbsup:
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