Infromation gathering from Photokina 2006

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Aug 19, 2006
Hi Guys,
Anybody need infomation or materials from Photokina, Cologne site?
As I attent the world great Photo Fair, I can collect any info or materials which you want to get in stead of going there.
Pls let me know what you want to collect.
I will pass to you after I am back to Spore on 5th Oct.
I leave on 22nd Sep. by KLM Flight. Anybody go with me by same Flight?
By the way, I want to share important infomation on our final Photo Image.
It is CBL Lens for setting White & Colour Balance of your Digital Cameras.
We are invited at Photokina 2006 on coming September and will also attend major int'l Fair( we have already booked for PMA 2007 US Fair in LasVegas on March next year. )
CBL Lens provide excellent Balance Setting for all digital cameras & camcorders.
We will launch by this end of year CBL for bigger lens of broadcasting / movie shooting digital cameras & camcorders.
It is not like EXPO xxx which has to fit & fix to each lens size taking more time to do it.
CBL three size( 110, 85, 60mm ) lens can suit for all size of camera lens.
Our setting can be done at Manual as well as Auto mode. Even setting under strobe light at studio can be done instantly for quicker snap which is very essential for professional.
It captures much sharper image result than any other brands in the market.
CBL is just Simply the Best. Please test it now.
If you want to test our CBL, I can courier one sample lens to you. Choose the right size and inform me of your address. This testing offer is all FREE of charge until September.
If you have MSN, pls add my for instant communication.
Best regards.

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